ATACO Steel Products Corp. Strategic Approach Grows Sales


Founded in 1946, ATACO Steel Products Corp. produces custom metal products using stamping, laser cutting, welding and related techniques for the lawn and garden, motorcycle, off-highway and related markets. ATACO’s expertise is deep draws, unusual shapes, and close tolerance parts and components, along with innovative, comprehensive metal fabrication services. The company, based in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, has about 80 employees.


ATACO President Rick Reichertz has owned the company since 2005. Since that time, ATACO has experienced slow growth in revenue and profitability and the markets and customers have been unchanged for many years. ATACO is looking to strategically expand in existing markets and grow into new markets while improving profitably and empowering its leadership team in order to maximize long-term value.


WMEP Manufacturing Solutions assisted ATACO with a systematic approach that includes development of strategy and business awareness across the leadership team in creating plans to increase top-line performance and protect and reinvigorate margin growth. WMEP guided the executive team in developing a mission, vision and values while using analysis for strategical and situational issues and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. As a result, the team developed supporting strategies and a deployment plan for a three-year Transformational Road Map.


  • Redesigned company website to communicate and emphasize technical expertise in metal fabrication for the low-volume and custom market.
  • Targeted new and existing customers and grew sales by $2.5 million.
  • Purchased $350,000 in capital equipment to support new programs of existing customers.
  • Implemented continuous improvement programs that resulted in $250,000 of operational cost savings.
  • Improved profitability.
  • Empowered leadership team.

“We recognized the need to do a strategic planning process. We worked with WMEP and we were delighted with the process and results. It got everyone moving in same direction. WMEP helped lead the process and kept us on the right track.”

Rick Reichertz, President – ATACO Steel Products Corp.