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NEW GUIDE: MEP National Network Workforce Programs, Services and Trainings


September 8, 2023 By: Katie Rapp It’s no longer news that many manufacturers find it difficult to attract and retain enough skilled employees. The nationwide manufacturing talent shortage and skills gap pose complex challenges that threaten individual companies’ bottom lines. In…

Understanding Marketing Signaling

Growth & Strategy, Uncategorized

By: Patrick Strother • CEO & CMO, Strother Communications Group So, what does evolutionary biology have to do with marketing? Turns out, quite a bit. What is marketing signaling? In its simplest form, marketing signaling is any communication that provides…

A Top Manufacturing Challenge: Pending Retirements & New Employees


Standardized Work is a solution that will help your company ensure all processes are documented, repeatable and consistently followed. Benefits of Standardized Work include:  Increase employee retention by improving onboarding.  Improve effectiveness of new employees. Employees will feel more engaged…

Video: Heroes of American Manufacturing – Hope & Main, Making Dreams Reality

Growth & Strategy

Hope & Main, a Rhode Island culinary business incubator, helps make dreams reality for people who want to start or own a food or beverage business. One of the top 10 food incubators in the country, Hope & Main has…

Revised ISO 9001 Quality Standard on the Horizon


Greg Gasper Senior Consultant Sustainability and Certification Services After eight years of living under the quality requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO has finally obtained approval to revise the ISO 9001 quality standard. The approval process was quite contentious, with five…

How Inventory Accuracy Directly Impacts Profit

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Authored By: Bridget Lazlo, CEO, Guardian Business Solutions For every dollar of error in your inventory, there is a dollar of direct impact on your profitability. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Bridget Lazlo, CEO, Guardian Business Solutions To…

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