Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing tools and best practices identify and eliminate waste while delivering dramatic results through continuous improvement.

The typical results of Lean are often dramatic:

  • Lead times cut 50-75%
  • Productivity raised 50-100%
  • First pass yields increased to over 95%
  • Cut costs or increase capacity without adding resources
  • Positive cash flows
  • Reduce inventories 50% or less — more than doubling your turns

Assessments and Programs

The Lean Assessment is a facilitated process designed for two purposes: First, it enables the manufacturer to take an inventory of lean manufacturing and supply chain best practices and how prevalently those practices are found throughout the enterprise. Second it provides the manufacturer with an awareness of those best practices that are not prevalently applied and hence, should be considered for implementation.

WMEP guides your leadership team through a facilitated discussion around best practice in thirteen categories.

Utilizing the results from the assessment, WMEP works with the company to identify key areas where improvements would be most impactful for your organization.

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  1. Communication & Cultural Awareness
  2. Visual Systems (5S) & Workplace organization
  3. Standard Work
  4. Continuous Improvement
  5. Operational Flexibility
  6. Mistake Proofing/Poka-Yoke
  7. SMED/Quick Changeover
  8. TPM Total Productive Maintenance
  9. Pull Systems
  10. Balanced Production
  11. Customer Relationship
  12. Supply Management
  13. Quality

The Enterprise Excellence GAP Analysis is a highly structured, facilitated process designed to identify and prioritize continuous improvement projects, across the enterprise, based on a comparison of your current conditions to best in class across six pillars of Enterprise Excellence including.

  1. Policy Deployment and Execution
  2. Safety and Environmental Health
  3. Manufacturing Operations
  4. Business Operations
  5. Extended Value Stream Management
  6. Plant Results 

WMEP will lead your leadership team in a facilitated discussion of specific questions in each of the identified pillars designed to help you discover and define the gaps in your performance relative to best in class performance. The process will help you document where you are today and develop a plan to close performance gaps.

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