TPI Bundled SErvices

Unlock Your Company’s Potential

WMEP’s TPI (Transformational Productivity Initiative) program helps you identify and prioritize critical actions to solve barriers to performance and productivity. Our bundled services allow you to expand your company’s capabilities to unlock your potential in the areas that need most support.

Road Map to Improved Manufacturing Performance

  • Start with an assessment to establish a baseline
  • Identify areas of greatest opportunity to prioritize
  • Partner with WMEP experts to create a strategy and action plan
  • Implement plan within your organization with guidance and support
  • Experience performance improvement and pursue next area

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Average Performance Improvements for
TPI Participants

  • $5.8M sales impact
  • $750k cost savings
  • 28 jobs created or retained

WMEP helps Wisconsin Manufacturers

Work with our team of experts to develop a custom plan and address your unique pain points. WMEP’s TPI bundled services help Wisconsin manufacturers stay competitive in a global landscape. Whether your organization is facing barriers to customer acquisition, productivity, or employee turnover, we help you boost your performance in growth, operations, and people.

Problems we help you solve


  • Stagnating sales
  • Weak customer retention
  • Slow customer acquisition


  • Productivity gaps
  • Higher costs
  • Lagging investment in plant and automation


  • High employee turnover
  • Lack of leadership
  • Low engagement and employee satisfaction

We help manufacturers address lagging productivity, a declining workforce, adoption of automation and digital technology, all while remaining competitive and thriving.”

Stephen Smiley, Service Line Leader for Business Transformation at WMEP Manufacturing Solutions

See Gorilla Mill’s exponential growth after TPI

Case Studies Show Real Results

Learn more about how these Wisconsin companies transformed their performance after working with WMEP’s manufacturing experts.

Enhancing Performance and Becoming More Efficient

Dairyland Electrical aligned the organization while improving manufacturing. Working with WMEP, productivity increased by 40%, sales increased by $2.5 million, and lead time improved by 68%…

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Overcoming Workforce Challenges and Doubling Growth

Palmer Hamilton invested in recruiting and retention. The 18-month effort paid off by adding 80 positions, reducing turn-over to 7%, and increasing sales by $35 million…

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Managing Exponential Growth to Improve Productivity

Wiscon Products partnered with WMEP to increase sales per employee by 93%, reduce monthly breakeven amounts by 30%, and decrease weekly set-up hours by 50%…

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Get to know Mark Hatzenbeller

Senior Director of Business Development

Mark has 40 years of experience leading efforts to develop integrated solutions that solve key manufacturer challenges.

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Get to know STephen Smiley

Business Transformation Service Line Leader

Stephen has 25 years of experience in business, operations and engineering.

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