Manufacturing Sales/Revenue Assessment

WMEP’s Pivot2Revenue (P2R) Assessment helps your company identify the factors that drive additional revenue.

Through this guided assessment, WMEP assists your company to identify sales and revenue opportunities. Our facilitated discussion with your organization’s leaders evaluates your company’s growth performance and risk relative to the four dimensions of revenue expansion. These evaluations are validated with your team, and upon completion of the assessment you will receive a 2-page summary report of the session findings complete with actionable recommendations.


  • Focus attention on the activities that can generate revenue fast in your organization
  • Identify specific actions you can take to improve your revenue
  • Low cost, high value evaluation
  • Quick and easy to complete

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Marie Mansheim

Get to know Marie Mansheim

Service Line Leader – Growth & Strategy

Marie has interacted, facilitated, and collaborated with management teams at more than 500 companies to assist them in driving strategy, growth, innovation and profitability.

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Mark Hatzenbeller

Get to know Mark Hatzenbeller

Director of Business Development

Mark has 40 years of experience leading efforts to develop integrated solutions that solve key manufacturer challenges.

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