WMEP’s Training Center

Learning and training opportunities include:

  • In-person & Virtual Training
  • E-Learning Modules
  • Blended Learning: a customized combination of e-Learning and personal coaching

Quickly prepare everyone in your organization to contribute to improvement success. Culture change starts here.

Scale your training initiative while building better team participants who have the confidence to take what they have learned and apply it to achieve measurable results.

Training Topics Include:

  • Lean Principles & Tools
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Essentials

Upskill Your Manufacturing Talent With Online Training.

Training from WMEP Manufacturing Solutions and Tooling U-SME provides the knowledge and skills needed to create a forward-thinking, safe, and efficient organization. A properly trained workforce can dramatically improve your bottom line through increased productivity, reduced risk, the ability to leverage new technologies, and more. An investment in workforce training is an investment in your company’s future.

Training topics include:

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Lean Six Sigma Certification contains proven methods to minimize waste and reduce costs.

WMEP’s program includes personalized mentoring and gives you the opportunity to work through your own company’s process to immediately begin applying these techniques as you learn.

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