Manufacturer Growth & Strategy Solutions

WMEP Manufacturing Solutions offers a full suite of services to assist manufacturers with strategy formulation and execution, market development, and marketing/sales execution.

Strategic Assessments

This assessment defines the factors that drive profitability and valuation for your organization. It helps you identify and proactively manage risks relative to your company’s continued profitability and valuation.

Businesses are typically valued with a multiplier of EBITDA. This multiplier is driven by the industries businesses operate in, their current/past levels of profitability, and by how well they manage risks that could affect their future profitability.

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  • Focuses attention on the factors that drive profitability and value in your organization
  • Reaching consensus within your leadership team on areas of greatest opportunity and risk
  • Identification of specific actions you can take to improve your organizations profitability and overall value
  • Low cost, high value evaluation
  • Quick and easy to complete

Our strategic partner, Taureau Group, will independently develop an estimate of your firm’s value based on upon four methods and utilizing the assessment which defines the prime factors that drive profitability and valuation for your organization.

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  • Focusing attention on the factors that drive profitability and value in your organization
  • Reaching consensus within your leadership team on areas of greatest opportunity/risk
  • Identifying specific actions you can take to improve your profitability and value
  • An objective, outside your organization, assessment
  • Completing a PRA® PLUS is quick and easy and low cost/high value

A guided assessment that helps your company identify the factors that can find and drive sales and revenue opportunities. 

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  • Focuses attention on the activities that can generate revenue fast in your organization
  • Identify specific actions you can take to improve your revenue
  • Low cost, high value evaluation
  • Quick and easy to complete

Strategy Formulation & Execution

Having an accurate view of your current situation — and a compelling vision of your future — motivates staff to focus energy where it will have the most impact.

Strategy formulation includes:

  • Comprehensive situation analysis of both external and internal factors
  • Customer and competition analysis
  • Prioritized SWOT analysis
  • Identification of strategic issues
  • Subsequent strategic initiatives
  • Action plans and strategic triggers

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WMEP’s strategy execution service provides an organized, proven approach based on best practices.

Elements of this service include prioritizing and building a scorecard of lagging, leading and strategic initiative indicators to get your leadership team and company focused on the right priorities; developing a cadence on running the business; and developing a way to keep score.

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  • Integrate your vision, mission and values into your business
  • A sustainable, systematic approach to execution
  • Achievable prioritized initiatives
  • Reduction in conflict and wasted effort as leaders and the company pull in the same direction
  • Integrates into your performance management system

WMEP’s financial assessment involves a complete and thorough review of your financial statements and processes. It also includes benchmarking of financial ratios against companies of similar size, industry, and geography; a study of your financial statements and reports; and insight into how they support business decision making.

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WMEP Outsourced Management Services provides you with a manager or executive who is available part-time — for however long or short you need them. 

The role is defined exactly as it sounds: a manager who devotes part of his/her time to a company for any number of purposes. 

The service can be used for short term projects or as assistance in managing and leading teams or for the longer time periods performing either strategic leadership or ongoing tactical execution. 

Our outsourced team members work as part of your management team and are responsible for getting you results.

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  • Timely support when you need it
  • Access to talent without the ongoing expense and commitment
  • Short-term ramp-up; expertise means you can address challenges and opportunities quickly now
  • Access to knowledge of best practices to reduce risk and improve confidence
  • Costs less than a full-time employee in a similar role
  • Access to special skills; someone who can hit the ground running
  • Customized to your unique situation; scale up and scale back as needed
  • Gets you a fresh, objective perspective on your organization

Market Development & Diversification

There are often many potential markets to enter. Making a good decision requires knowing the market and having data on size, growth rates, and potential customers. Successful entry means defining your company’s competitive advantage and translating that into a compelling reason to buy from you.

Our basic approach includes development of research objectives and questions. The market assessment that follows includes a scan of available research on three potential new market segments to estimate size, market growth rates and define potential customers.

Our enhanced approach adds up-front strategic work in defining the value proposition, core competencies and competitive advantage. Potential market segments are systematically evaluated to select the top three. Primary research completed on one segment results in a formalized market diversification action plan.

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WMEP Manufacturing Solutions’ Ideal Market and Value Proposition Service is a systematic approach to defining your core competencies, value proposition and what an ideal customer and market looks like for your organization.

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  • Focuses your company on the best potential market segments
  • A well-defined Value Proposition based on core competencies and a competitive edge brings clarity to your entire organization and sets you apart in the marketplace
  • Moves you from thinking about market diversification to making it happen
  • Diversifying your company reduces both market and customer concentration risks and can lead to a more stable cash and profit stream

Develop a customized, action-oriented export expansion strategy and start growing your business. ExporTech™ is the only program providing global growth strategy development to Wisconsin manufacturers at the C-level. Graduates of ExporTech™ have achieved sales increases averaging $900,000 in 6-9 months after completing the program. Learn more about manufacturing exporting here!

Read ExporTech™ testimonials here.

Please fill out this application to participate in ExporTech™ and potentially become eligible for a scholarship from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. If you have questions, please contact Mark Hatzenbeller, Senior Director of Business Development, WMEP at 920.246.0051 or [email protected].

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  • Grow your sales
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Diversify your revenue sources
  • Bring innovative new products to market

Technology-Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) is the link between your unique technology and new customers who need that technology.

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  • Gives you an unbiased review of your technology and market
  • Provide expert research utilizing member-only databases
  • Offer expertise from interviews with industry leaders and potential customers
  • Generate a plan with multiple solutions and outcomes
  • Prioritize ideas to eliminate false paths
  • Provide a clear direction for progression
  • Identify a prospective client list

Market Penetration & Execution

Fill your sales funnel using tenacious, professional, engaged, and highly trained callers to deliver immediate “sales-ready” leads every month.

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The Marketing Flight Plan is designed to create a clear roadmap to greater success. By uncovering what’s important to your customers, the right strategy can be developed to let prospects know you deliver on what matters to them.

The innovative Marketing Flight Plan starts with market insights — so you know exactly where your company and products are positioned in the competitive manufacturing marketplace, and how best to move forward. We listen to customers to hear what they say is most important and how you perform against those same factors.

Using your data-driven Marketing Flight Plan coupled with an analysis of your competitive landscape, a messaging and market strategy is created along with a comprehensive implementation plan that is right for your organization. Most importantly, implementation support is available to ensure your success.

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  • Strengthen your company’s value proposition by identifying strengths and performance gaps
  • Grow your market share by targeting customers with the right message at the right time
  • Bring the Voice of the Customer (VOC) into your organization to make smarter more informed resource allocation decisions

A strategic growth plan is a detailed plan of action designed to help your company grow sales and revenue over a specified period of time. Effective growth strategies are specific, measurable, and focused on continuous improvement.

These plans allow you to be more efficient in generating new revenues by focusing on the existing value that customers see and to differentiate yourself from your competition. 

Case Studies

WMEP has the real world, in-depth expertise to help you identify and explore new markets, products, and applications of existing technology.

Wiscon Products Gains Control of Explosive Sales Growth

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Unlimited Services Focuses on the Critical to Grow Their Business

COMPANY PROFILE: Unlimited Services is a privately held company established in 1982 with headquarters in Oconto, Wisconsin, where it has 225 employees. The company is a manufacturer of custom wire harnesses and control panel assemblies for off-road, emergency, heavy duty…

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A need for expansion leads to increased flow, response times, etc. along with a plan for future growth for U.S. Aluminum

COMPANY PROFILE: Founded in 1970, US Aluminum is a privately held manufacturer of rain gutter accessories and leaf protection products. The company manufactures hangers, gutter guards, fasteners, outlets, end caps and sealants. US Aluminum employs about 45 people at its plants in…

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Get to know Mark Hatzenbeller

Senior Director of Business Development

Mark has more than 40 years of experience leading efforts to develop integrated solutions that solve key manufacturer challenges.

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Get to know George Bureau

Senior Vice President Consulting Services

George brings more than 25 years of leadership, strategy, sales, marketing, quality and operations experience across a spectrum of manufacturing and service sectors.

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