Testimonials From Our Partners

One of the best ways to communicate who we are and what we do? Share direct quotes from those we’ve been privileged to work shoulder-to-shoulder with. These testimonials begin to touch on the spectrum of services WMEP offers to small and medium Wisconsin manufacturers.

The WMEP Automation Advisor Assessment helped BMC to look at operational pain points in a different way and open up to the possibilities that automation solutions can bring to address them.  We are now using the results to develop short and long term plans for automation and associated capital spending.

Erica Grant, VP of Operations

Badger Mining Corporation

WMEP provided an innovative insight on new technologies for our facility.  Cory was instrumental in keeping our implementation on track and keeping everyone open minded on the end goal.  They were a pleasure to work with.

Dan Panetti, VP Manufacturing

Team Industries

I highly recommend the ExporTech methodology -for exporting- based on Hydro-Thermal’s exceptional experiences. Our repeated application of ExporTech during product launches into diverse markets has yielded phenomenal results, each unique and highly customized to our needs. The methodology’s unique and specific ability to delve into expertise has been pivotal in marketing, sales, and delivery. The measurable success and scalability achieved in previously deemed challenging markets showcase the efficacy. If you seek detailed and tailored strategies for international market entry, ExporTech has proven its unmatched capability to drive results in unexplored territories.

Jim Zaiser, President and CEO

Hydro-Thermal Corporation

ExporTech helped ProEx Food think more deeply about our internal processes and procedures.  With over 50% of our sales export already, we used the experience to assist us with reviewing our export system, training our team, and thinking about how to grow the business even further.

Ross Lund, CEO


It’s been 10 years since we graduated from ExporTech and we continue to leverage our (export) training. The hands-on approach to learning and walking out with your own exporting plan in hand has been extremely valuable. The class content was a crucial part of our success and, just as importantly, their support does not end when the (exporting) course is complete. Roxanne and her team have helped us find new pathways and funding opportunities to help fuel our international growth over the past decade and we are looking forward to the next.

Paul Siepmann, CEO

The Brewer Company

Although Hatco had been exporting for years, the experience of going through the ExporTech program confirmed we were moving in the right direction with our business.  The experience helped us increase our sales and business footprint in key markets.  By adopting and executing the best practices discussed with the experts in program allowed us to identify potential shortcomings within our process before we experienced them – therefore saving us time & money not to mention reducing any frustration we would have experienced.  Due to this program we are more confident to challenge ourselves to move forward and expand our global footprint, which in turn brings greater sales, which benefits everyone in the Hatco family.

Brad Stoeckel, Director of International Sales

Hatco Corporation

The time spent attending ExportTech provided my team with knowledge to drive increasing our export sales. The class uses experts in Industry, Banking, Exporting and Government supporting agencies to build an executable plan to grow exports. The time invested is well spent.

Kevin McDermott, President

Patriot Taxiway Industries

The ExporTech program opened up resources and opportunities for Winsert to expand our global footprint.  Winsert exports over 50% of our product today and we expect that percentage to continue to grow as we enter into new end markets.  ExporTech is highly recommended for any organization looking to either establish an international presence or to grow their export business!

 Jason Anderson, Director of Sales & Marketing


I graduated from the ExporTech program in 2016.  Although my company, S3 AeroDefense, had been exporting for close to 10 years, I decided to attend the program anyway to see how we can further expand our reach into the international market.  The ExporTech program gave me access to resources that I didn’t have before.  I met experts in trade financing, logistics, regulations and compliance, and business development.  We worked on identification of new markets for our products.   At the end of the program, with guidance and help from experts, I developed an export plan to target 3 new countries.   During the following months, we were able to establish contacts in those countries via trade missions.   I am happy to say that today those 3 countries make up 20% of our export revenue.  We are thankful for the assistance we received from ExporTech!

Aksel Sidem, President/CEO

S3 AeroDefense International

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