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Want Growth? Move From Startup Plan to Strategic Plan.

Growth & Strategy

By Marie Mansheim, Senior Consultant—Growth & Strategy Practice Leader A well-written startup plan has its purpose. It can open doors, help secure financing, and lay the groundwork for performance. Once the doors are open, companies can outgrow those early plans…

Employee Recruitment: Winning the War for Talent

Human Capital, Uncategorized

By Chris Czarnik, CEO of Career Research Group, Award Winning International Speaker | Author | Business Trainer | Chris Czarnik, CEO of Career Research Group The intensifying struggles facing companies in their quest to recruit employees has been brewing for years, a…

When Good Strategies Go Bad: The 7 Deadly Execution Mistakes

Growth & Strategy

Much work goes into developing sound business strategies. Yet when it comes to executing those brilliant initiatives, plenty of organizations fall short. If execution is the secret behind every successful plan, why do so many companies fail at it? One…

4 Best Practices for Better Strategic Planning

Growth & Strategy, Uncategorized

Strategic Planning. Rarely were there two words viewed with more reluctance, dread, and disappointment. The process of strategic planning is often considered too time consuming for manufacturers, especially when their immediate needs are more pressing. For others, it’s too intimidating as it comes…

DoD Cybersecurity Acronym Help


By: Cory Larson – CMMC, NIST 800-171, & DFARs Cory Larson – WMEP Consultant – Automation & Cybersecurity Registered Practitioner, CMMC-AB Greetings! This is Cory Larson, and I am an Automation & Cybersecurity consultant at WMEP.  I wanted to write…

Realizing the Blazing Potential of Promising Workforce Programs

Human Capital

Credit: iStock/relif I remember well when the phrase “a thousand points of light” entered regular usage. Popularized by President George H. W. Bush, the phrase referred to individuals and organizations that provide valuable and even life-saving work in communities around the…

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