Aksel Sidem

I graduated from the ExporTech program in 2016.  Although my company, S3 AeroDefense, had been exporting for close to 10 years, I decided to attend the program anyway to see how we can further expand our reach into the international market.  The ExporTech program gave me access to resources that I didn’t have before.  I met experts in trade financing, logistics, regulations and compliance, and business development.  We worked on identification of new markets for our products.   At the end of the program, with guidance and help from experts, I developed an export plan to target 3 new countries.   During the following months, we were able to establish contacts in those countries via trade missions.   I am happy to say that today those 3 countries make up 20% of our export revenue.  We are thankful for the assistance we received from ExporTech!

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