How Team Industries Transformed Their Painting Facility with Innovative IT-OT Solutions

Company Profile: 

Founded in 1987, Team Industries, Inc. stands as a prominent pipe fabricator providing high quality pipe fabrication, code & non-code tanks and vessels, as well as a line of positioners and grippers. The company’s services include engineering, fabrication, painting, blasting, and advanced quality testing. Based in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, the company is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions.


Team Industries, Inc. faced a challenge with their extensive painting facility and sought a technological solution for efficient data logging. Additionally, they aimed to explore alternative paint spray options. The current manual recording of operational data by operators prompted the need for a more streamlined approach. To ensure comprehensive solutions, input was gathered from multiple team members during the planning and testing phases. 


Turning to WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, a trusted partner from previous collaborations, Team Industries, Inc. opted for the IT-OT Assessment. This comprehensive assessment, conducted by WMEP, provided insights into equipment, desired features, and project timeline. Collaboratively, WMEP and Team Industries, Inc. reviewed the assessment results and mutually established an implementation plan. This involved integrating additional hardware into the existing facility and optimizing operator interfaces. The solutions leveraged a cross-functional team of internal manufacturing subject matter experts.


  • Developed an architecture to connect existing equipment to a centralized data repository.
  • Integrating cybersecurity measures into the IT and OT network connectivity plan.
  • Outlined plans for adding hardware to enhance the efficiency of the painting facility equipment.
  • Evaluated software and hardware solutions for improved data visualization and analysis.
  • Identified reputable vendors with experience in successful IT-OT project implementation.

“WMEP provided an innovative insight on new technologies for our facility.  Cory was instrumental in keeping our implementation on track and keeping everyone open minded on the end goal.  They were a pleasure to work with.”

Dan Panetti, VP Manufacturing, Team Industries