Revitalizing Efficiency: Identifying Automation Solutions That Will Help Transform Badger Mining Corporation’s Production Landscape

Company Profile: 

Established in 1949, Badger Mining Corporation (BMC) operates three sand mines with two locations in Wisconsin. The company employs about 200 associates. Their sand products range from Foundry, which includes sand for 3D Printing, Oil & Gas, and other Industrial applications. Badger Mining Corporation is strongly committed to customer satisfaction and sustainable practices.


Badger Mining Corporation was investigating methods to increase production with the current staffing level and reduce ergonomic challenges. Ever-changing market conditions and increasing utility expenses had driven Badger Mining Corporation to look for ways to cut costs. WMEP Manufacturing Solutions’ automation consultants met with Badger Mining Corporation leadership and determined that the company would benefit from initiatives to improve productivity, which would lead to throughput gains while maintaining the current staffing level.


WMEP Manufacturing Solutions’ automation consultants worked with the BMC production team to perform an Automation Assessment. This facility-wide evaluation focused on all mining processes to assess a fit for automation. Once the Badger Mining Corporation team and WMEP completed the Automation Assessment, mutually defined projects became a priority at BMC, including machinery efficiency and material handling.


  • Outlined methods to potentially reduce electrical and natural gas consumption
  • Created a plan for increasing operator walk away time with advanced control systems
  • Highlighted areas of opportunity for machinery software and hardware upgrades
  • Provided method for harmonizing machinery control systems across multiple sites
  • Proposed material handling options to increase throughput without adding labor 

The WMEP Automation Advisor Assessment helped BMC to look at operational pain points in a different way and open up to the possibilities that automation solutions can bring to address them.  We are now using the results to develop short and long term plans for automation and associated capital spending.

Erica Grant, VP of Operations – Badger Mining Corporation