Chris Baichoo

Executive Director/CEO Chris Baichoo is an innovative and resilient leader who is ideally equipped to help small- and medium manufacturers thrive in today’s highly competitive, international marketplace. He brings a powerful combination of an engineering mindset, people-centered change management expertise, exceptional interpersonal skills and extensive experience opening global markets in the US, Canada and Asia. […]

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Tim Wiora

Prior to assuming the Executive Director/CEO for the WMEP in January 2016, Tim Wiora served as the WMEP’s Director of Consulting where he helped the organization grow and generate over $700 million of impact (sales, cost savings, and capital investments) for Wisconsin manufacturers and stakeholders. Tim Wiora  worked as a senior administrative program specialist for the University […]

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Tammy Schwarzbauer

920.915.2582 | [email protected] Tammy brings 11 years of experience in event planning, customer service, sales and marketing to the WMEP organization. Previously, she worked for the renowned Bergstrom Hotels, where she held the positions of Regional Account Manager and Director of Catering.  Prior to Bergstrom Hotels, she has been an Account Executive for CenturyTel/Verizon Wireless, and […]

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Michelle Hasday

Michelle, an artist and accountant at heart, has a background in quantitative sociology, graduated with a Bachelors in Sociology from Brown, and a Masters in Sociology from UW Madison. She is fascinated by growing businesses, and graduated May, 2018 with an MBA, from UW Madison. Michelle recently adopted three rats named Beatrice, Mischief, and Pearl. […]

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Lori Hansen

Lori has nearly 15 years of experience in the manufacturing, construction equipment, professional services and technology start-up industries, giving her an extensive knowledge of financial statements, budgeting, audits, and general accounting. Lori has a natural instinct for ensuring a high level of internal control and process improvements.  Understanding the technical aspects of accounting software has […]

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Linda Gatson

Linda has over 20 years of progressive IT experience in WAN/LAN/WiFi, intra/internet administration and maintenance, and technical support for end-users. She is certified in internet administration, Windows and MS Office Products. Linda supports the plan, design, implementation and testing of WMEP’s intra/internet systems, as the Administrator for WMEP’s Salesforce, Egnyte, DocuSign, Conga and video conferencing […]

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John Stampen

John Stampen, the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s director of marketing, describes working for an organization that makes meaningful contributions to growing the state’s manufacturing base and overall economy as a “dream scenario.” “I was attracted by the opportunity to be a part of a team that is working to grow and improve manufacturing in Wisconsin,” […]

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Gina Schultz

Gina joined WMEP as Administrative Coordinator to take on many of the administrative and marketing tasks supporting WMEP and the Board of Directors. She was drawn to the WMEP to help make a difference in the growth of Wisconsin. Gina has a strong background in event and meeting planning and marketing having served as Director […]

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Brigid Walsh

Brigid came to accounting via a circuitous route, attending Beloit College for psychology & statistics and then spending several years in leadership at a youth development organization. She realized she had a passion for non-profit finance, and is currently working on credentials for her CMA. Brigid is an aerial artist at the Madison Circus Space. […]

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Bennett Syverson

In his role with WMEP, Benny is responsible for creative development and execution, establishing and maintaining the organization’s brand standards, communication materials and various other related duties. “The staff at WMEP is enormously supportive and extraordinarily dedicated to helping manufacturers succeed,” Benny said. “I want to focus on the same goals. Oh, and the people in […]

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